About The Huntsville Plate

The Huntsville Plate is operated by Shane and Melanie, two fledgling foodies from Huntsville, Alabama. One day, Shane was commenting that Huntsville was a town chock-full of chain restaurants, but Melanie disagreed, adding that she only thought so because they were in a chain rut. They decided to eat only at non-chain restaurants for the last three months of 2010 and record their adventures; Chain of Foods was born! After a year as Chain of FoodsThe Huntsville Plate was launched as the go-to Huntsville area restaurant review site. So, what makes us qualified to critique food? Like you, we love to eat, and we love the total dining experience. Melanie is the English-teaching cook in the family, and Shane is the eye-for-detail engineer, so we hope you get a dose of yin and yang in every review. Thanks for joining us as we see what’s on The Huntsville Plate!