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Ol' Heidelberg

Ol’ Heidelberg

German | A Bit Costly ($15-$25) | West Huntsville | 4 out of 5

Let me get it out of the way: Ol’ Heidelberg is delicious. It is among the best restaurants in Huntsville

Little Rosie's Taqueria

Little Rosie’s Taqueria

Mexican | Cheap Eat (up to $7) | Southeast Huntsville | 4 out of 5

This review will almost complete our tour of the Rosie’s family of restaurants. We gave you Phil Sandoval’s, we gave you Shaggy’s, we gave you Blue Plate, and now we give you Little Rosie’s

China Buffet II

China Buffet II (Closed)

Asian | Average Cost ($8-$14) | Southeast Huntsville | 2 out of 5

How do you review a run-of-the-mill Chinese buffet? I don’t know. These things defy explanation. Often, the environments are weird, the food is tasty but disgusting, and the service is strange

Angel's Island Coffee

Angel’s Island Coffee

American | Cheap Eat (up to $7) | Southeast Huntsville | 4 out of 5

We took a few minutes last week to relax at Angel’s Island Coffee, a home-owned coffee shop on South Parkway located in a simple cinderblock building that once housed a dry cleaning operation