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New Ichiban Grill

New Ichiban Grill

Asian | A Bit Costly ($15-$25) | Southeast Huntsville | 3 out of 5

I can only remember visiting a cooked-right-in-front-of-your eyes hibachi place once or twice growing up. It always seemed mystical and a little intimidating to me

Simp McGhee's

Simp McGhee’s

American | Expensive ($26 and up) | Outside Madison County | 4 out of 5

This may be the manliest place I’ve ever eaten. No doubt, Churchill would approve

Red Hot Kitchen

Red Hot Kitchen (Closed)

Asian | Average Cost ($8-$14) | West Huntsville | 3 out of 5

I first noticed this spot while driving down University Drive. Its sign read “Asian-Mex Fusion”, so I was intrigued. Although I typically also noticed few to no cars in the parking lot, Shane and I took our chances

Cafe Berlin

Cafe Berlin

German | A Bit Costly ($15-$25) | Southeast Huntsville | 4 out of 5

We all know how men typically respond to the idea of dining at a “girly” place. You know, the kind of place where the interior design is more pleasing than in most homes and where you sit at tiny tables and eat tiny portions of food

Cesia's Bakery

Cesia’s Bakery

Mexican | Cheap Eat (up to $7) | West Huntsville | 4 out of 5

To my delight, the building that houses Little Caesar’s and China Taste has a new proprietor: Cesia’s Bakery, Panaderia Mexicana