Café Lemon Bleù (Closed)

10 Oct 2011
Average Cost ($8-$14)
West Huntsville
4 out of 5

Café Lemon Bleù

Melanie’s Take

We haven’t eaten anywhere in Huntsville that has reminded us of Paris yet, but Café Lemon Bleù is doing its best to bring the feel of a French café to Huntsville. We went for lunch with a couple friends and were pleased to see traditional French fare like croque monsieurs and homemade croissants.

I chose the croque monsieur with a side of housemade french fries with white truffle sauce for dipping. The presentation of the food was fantastic (I envied others’ full orders of fries served in a metal cone-shaped stand lined with parchment paper), and the taste was great too. My sandwich was as decadent as you’d expect from a ham and cheese sourdough sandwich covered in bechamel sauce. It was creamy and tangy without being too mushy. As good as the sandwich was, the fries were even better because of the white truffle aioli served alongside them. It had a little bite to it and was a perfect complement to the fries.Croque Monsieur

Although I couldn’t see the Eiffel Tower from our table or sit on the sidewalk and watch the world go by, I’ll be visiting Café Lemon Bleù again to reminisce about our Paris vacation. Don’t be intimidated that it’s French food. It is accesible without being snotty and Parisian without being too feminine. If you want a lunch that is something a little less usual than a club sandwich or burger, visit this place. Vive Café de Citron Bleù!

Shane’s Take

Croissant French Toast

From the outside, Café Lemon Bleù looks like just another strip mall eatery: the sign is in a plain font, one of those ubiquitous O-P-E-N signs hangs in the window, and stuck to the window is an offering for free wifi. Except for the blue backlit “Cafe’ Lemon Bleu” sign, it just doesn’t look that spectacular. Inside, it’s much nicer. The centerpiece of the dining area is a large curved bar that curves around a serving area in front of the kitchen. Surrounding the bar are small tables and chairs, reminding us again that American cafe owners don’t believe in booths. The seating, the bar, and the pleased earthtone walls make for a pleasant, casual atmosphere.

When eating out, I usually avoid pancakes and french toast and similar foods because I leave full but am hungry just a few minutes later. With the hearty recommendation of our waitress, I exited my frail little comfort zone and chose the croissant french toast. As the picture shows, it was composed of two large croissants cut in half and topped with powdered sugar and served with a side of syrup and strawberries. The croissants were fluffy and flaky and airy like they should be. (If you’ve ever had a good croissant, you know the difference between a good one and the ones you buy at Kroger or Burger King—this was a good croissant.) The strawberries also were exceptional. Mind you, I don’t really judge a restaurant by its strawberries, but I was impressed that Café Lemon Bleù served such good strawberries when so many other stores don’t. In all, the dish was delicious: excellently prepared with good ingredients, it was about as a good a breakfast dish as I’ve had in Huntsville.

I really enjoyed Café Lemon Bleù. The food tasted great, the atmosphere was comfortable, and the service was superb. I don’t think you’ll go wrong with a visit.

Other things to consider:

  • The food at Lemon Bleù is cheap: I think my french toast was about $6 or $7, which is much less than I would expect at competing stores.
  • Like the outside, the menu doesn’t look like much, but don’t be dissuaded: the food is going to be good.
  • Don’t miss the three carafes of various Royal Cup coffees on the bar. I don’t expect Royal Cup to match the quality of Kaffeeklatsch, but how cool is it that a mass market vendor offers such a variety?
  • During our visit, adding to the delightful atmosphere and good food was an excellent server who offered good recommendations (she really seemed to like eating there), refilled our glasses often, smiled a lot.
  • Guys, this would be a great place to take your sweetheart on a breakfast or lunch date.
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3 Responses

  1. Sherry Hamilton

    I’ve been here and also thought it was delicious! Been wanting to go back, but waiting to save up the calories!

  2. Jerry

    Ate here after church about 1:15 on Sunday. When Judy and I arrived, only one small table was available (had expected a wait) and we were quickly greeted by a server who promised to return shortly (and she did). The owner made me a superb Mocha Latte and we ordered omelettes with our own choice of ingredients with sourdough toast. I got mine with egg whites. We did wait a while for our food, and the server returned to tell us that the sourdough was out and offered wheat instead which was fine with us. This is not your garden variety chain which Huntsville has an abundance of it you prefer. Instead, it is a very well thought out cafe (We have been in Paris about three times but the last one was way back in 1994) with many delicious menu choices (breakfast anytime, which I often look for) and the food is prepared to order onsite (bread baked in house, etc.). I highly recommend it and suggest you not expect the speed of some of the larger chains, but I believe you will find the quality and taste (we were totally pleased) of the food well worth the wait.

    • Jerry, your experience matches ours. We’ve returned to Lemon Bleu a few times since our review visit and continue to be impressed. From the preparation to the service to the taste, it’s an exceptional place to eat (and a great way to dream about a return trip to Paris). We’d probably give it 5 forks if we reviewed it again.

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