China Buffet II (Closed)

10 Dec 2010
Average Cost ($8-$14)
Southeast Huntsville
2 out of 5

Melanie’s Take

After a great experience at Ding How II, I was in the Sunday mood for Chinese food. We have friends who eat here religiously, so we thought we’d give it a try on Chain of Foods. Although I didn’t eat any particular item that was terrific, I’d say the buffet was average. Buffets suffer from common issues: the food is often less than a desirable temp and the quality of food suffers because of its quantity. China Buffet is no exception to this. There were some bright spots on the buffet, including surprisingly good sushi and one of my favorites, chicken on a stick. There were also some “what am I eating?” moments that came from sampling the desserts and the seafood bake.

All in all, China Buffet is what you would expect from a Chinese buffet, both good and bad. At $5.99 for lunch, the price makes it attractive enough to try once in a while. As far as atmosphere goes, don’t be fooled by the ugly exterior of the building. It is tastefully decorated and clean on the inside. Maybe we’ll find ourselves here if the dogs eat the Christmas turkey.

Shane’s Take

  How do you review a run-of-the-mill Chinese buffet? I don’t know. These things defy explanation. Often, the environments are weird, the food is tasty but disgusting, and the service is strange. Typically, when eating at a Chinese buffet I spend most of my time asking myself “What is that?” and “Are these people spies?”. Rarely do I leave with an answer to either question. China Buffet II (I have no idea if there is a number I) is little different than other Chinese buffets. Located in an old Shoney’s, the environment looks a bit familiar, but it’s been significantly renovated and definitely has its own quasi-Chinese flair. The store is clean and seems well-maintained and, as far as Chinese buffets go, is inviting. I was comfortable, but I really wanted some ambient music to smooth the environment. Except for the missing music and a worn out booth seat, I can’t complain about the environment.

The food was good but not particularly exceptional. I tried a variety of things, ranging from black pepper chicken to stuffed shrimp to pineapple dumplings, and each of them tasted fine. Most of the food was a bit oily, and some of it wasn’t as hot as I wished, but it was good by buffet standards. I tried one or two things that were no good, but I don’t remember them, so they mustn’t have been too bad. I also couldn’t identify some of the food I ate, but it tasted good, whatever it was. For a buffet, China Buffet II holds it own. A good buffet needs to do just one thing—serve a variety of hot, decent food at a competitive price—and China Buffet II succeeds in that. If you’re in the mood for the Chinese buffet experience, I recommend China Buffet II.
Final thoughts:
  • Despite the decent food and pleasant atmosphere, Melanie and I at one point enjoyed some delirious laughter while eating, as we each questioned what we were eating and how our bodies might respond to what we were eating. It was almost a moment of clarity, but it vanished quickly, as we soon returned to the buffet for another filling of who-knows-what.
  • As I understand, most Americans are hungry very soon after eating Chinese food, regardless of how much they eat. This was not my experience at China Buffet II. I was full until supper, needing nothing more than a little snack around 4:00.
  • On your way out, check out all the awards at the register and at the lobby. Amusing stuff.
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  1. Lara Baswell

    Not a big fan of Chinese Buffets since my favorite one burned down years ago. But, I do love Gigi’s! HA

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