Chuckwagon BBQ

28 Dec 2011
Average Cost ($8-$14)
3 out of 5

Shane’s Take

For this review, I partook in a manly-man lunch in a manly-man place; sorry, no Melanie allowed on this one. I’ll cut straight to the chase: I doubt you’ll find better barbecue in the Huntsville area. We have a lot of barbeque restaurants around, and a lot of them serve good food, but I don’t know one that does better than Chuckwagon.

During my most recent visit, I chose a brisket sandwich, a side of baked beans, and a sweet tea. The sandwich was a good size—not quite as big as those at Dreamland—but still big. The brisket was juicy, flavorful, not too fatty, and not dry, a bit like a pot roast that’s delicious in ways you never imagined. It was great barbecued meat. In previous visits, I’ve ordered the hot sausage (think of a premium version of Hillshire Farm smoked sausage), and it had the same great flavor. The baked beans also were good and full of fat and meat, as one would expect. I wouldn’t say they’re the best I’ve had, but they’re good. I also enjoyed the sweet tea, which gets bonus points for being my favorite brand, Alabama-owned Red Diamond.

The atmosphere at Chuckwagon is something to behold. It’s Victoria’s for men. To start, it’s owned and operated by a friendly bearded gentleman from Pecos, Texas who wears a white Stetson (or Resistol?) while serving customers. He cuts your selection of meat right in front of you. Ordered brisket? He slices off a few strips with a giant knife. My memory is fuzzy, but I believe he sharpens the blade against a leather strop, which is authentic old school manliness. Plus, the walls of the store are lined with rustic wood paneling that look like something harvested from an old picket fence, and the chair cushions are made from old blue jeans.

The one drawback to Chuckwagon is the cost. It just costs too much. My sandwich, baked beans, and tea came out to about $11. The two meat plate (two meats and a side) and a sweet tea run about $16. Even though the cost is high, I’d eat there every time I had the hankering for manly barbecue if I had the money in my pocket.

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