A Day in Birmingham: Savage’s Bakery

30 May 2011
Outside Madison County
4 out of 5
Cakes at Savage's

When we were in Paris, we discovered what all bakeries really ought to be, but there was something missing in each of them: the overly sugary treats our American palettes craved. If you are in Birmingham, you’ll never have to go without your deliciously-baked-sugary-treat fix as long as Savage’s is around. Savage’s began in the late 30s and has been in its current spot on 18th Street South in Homewood for more than 50 years. I had my first taste of it when a roomate in college requested a birthday cake from her favorite hometown bakery. I remember how sweet yet light in texture the icing was. It is surely a product of lots of whipped fat and sugar, but it is some of the best around. When Shane and I stopped in for a recent visit, we sampled some of their bestsellers.

Sweets at Savage's

After perusing the cases, we decided to try a variety of items including sand tarts, a cheese pocket, a chocolate drop, and a swedish dream. Each of the treats was delicious, but the chocolate drop was our favorite. It tasted like a cross between a chocolate cookie and a brownie and had a deep, rich chocolatey flavor. If there was one dissapointment in the group, it was the cheese pocket, but it wasn’t really it’s fault. We mistakenly ordered it thinking that it would be similar to Savage’s scrumptious cream cheese coffee cake, and it turns out that nothing is to be compared to the cream cheese coffee cake. If you ever visit Savage’s, walk immediately to the wire shelves lining the right wall and don’t stop until you find the containers labeled “cream cheese coffee cake.” Once you’ve done this, walk immediately to the counter and buy it. Of all the tastiness Savage’s has to offer, it’s the winner in our book.

A Rack of Bread
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