31 Jan 2011
Average Cost ($8-$14)
Southeast Huntsville
2 out of 5

Melanie’s Take

There’s a little spot in the shopping center across from Grissom High School that serves casual food in an aviation atmosphere. For Huntsville, it’s a great place to showcase shuttle flight memorabilia. I can imagine that any boy age three to eighty would get a kick out of the stuff on the walls. In fact, I saw several men, the tall and the small, enjoying looking at the goodies on the walls while waiting for their food. When Shane and I arrived, we were warmly greeted and we walked up to the counter to place our orders. I ordered the grilled chicken flatbread ($4.77) with a side of homemade chips ($1.20). As we waited for our food, we enjoyed the flat screen TVs located in the corners of the dining area. We also enjoyed the wall full of aviation posters and pictures beside our booth. The decor in Flyboys is nice; they have managed to incorporate an obvious theme without making the place feel like a Chuck E. Cheese.

Grilled Chicken Flatbread

When the food arrived (pretty quickly for made-to-order), it was immediately obvious that I had ordered the superior dish. My flatbread was delicious. It was soft and warm with a flavorful grilled chicken filling. They added lettuce, cheese, and house sauce (another Zaxby-like creation) to create a nice balance of flavors. The chips were delicious as well, although some of them were a bit on the thick side, making their texture a bit tough. If we visit Flyboys again, I wouldn’t hesitate to order the flatbread again. As for the Philly cheese and the banana pudding…I’ll leave that to Shane.

Shane’s Take

Philly Cheesesteak I’ll start where Melanie left off. Based on the order-taker’s recommendation, I ordered the Philly cheesesteak. It had an okay taste, but it looked pitiful and had no pride. The bun had a nice texture and was fresh, but it wasn’t warm and tasted plain. Plus, it lacked the requisite sheen of griddle grease that makes cheesesteaks tasty (and completely unhealthy). Worse than that, the steak was sparse. Contrary to the flattering picture below, many spots on the bun had never touched steak. The meat itself did taste okay, but I imagine Steak-umm would taste just as good. The toppings also were sparse and didn’t include bell pepper, which I thought was required by cheesesteaks. Hot and fresh, the side of fries helped the sandwich a little, but I was left wishing I’d brought a bottle of Heinz with me, since only Hunt’s ketchup was available.¬†On the whole, I was awfully disappointed and left longing for the awesome cheesesteak served at Salem’s Diner in Homewood. For dessert, I ordered a $2.04 banana pudding. Based on the large poster advertising their “homemade banana pudding”, I thought it might be nice. Unfortunately, it was nothing special. Sure, it had bananas, vanilla wafers, whipped cream, and pudding, but the pudding tasted like it came out of a package, and the serving was small. The serving was pleasantly presented, but it lacked any soul food character that makes banana pudding what it is.

Banana Pudding

I don’t think I’ll return to FlyBoys. Our service was nice (the order-taker was professional, friendly, and helpful), and I enjoyed the novel and honest aviation atmosphere, but the strictly ordinary food just didn’t do it for me. The cheesesteak was a real letdown, and the banana pudding was homemade only in the Sandra Lee sense. Plus, it was too expensive, which really hurt the experience. I believe the people who run FlyBoys are trying hard, but it’s not enough to bring me back.

Decor at FlyBoys

Some final thoughts:

  • Check out the giant wall of airplane pictures and memorabilia (pictured above) in the back corner of the store. From the looks of it, someone involved with the store probably has some cool airplane stories to tell.
  • Maybe the neatest part of the store is the tailhook that hangs on the wall. Cool stuff.
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4 Responses

  1. Phyllis Young Basham

    Shane if you want a good philly cheese sandwich go to the bowling alley on the arsenal. They have the best one I have had around here. Sorry you didn’t have a good one at Flyboys.

  2. Chelsea Green

    I’ve seen this place a few times but never really known what it was. Flyboys sounds like some kind of sketchy club or something… haha, or maybe I’m just weird.

  3. Matthew Carter

    It used to be a Guthries. I just go to FlyBoys for the grilled chicken. If you want to go to a place for chicken tenders, then go to Tenders. I recommend the original location at Five Points on Holmes Avenue.

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