Little Farm Grill

2 Oct 2010
Cheap Eat (up to $7)
Downtown Huntsville
1 out of 5

Melanie’s Take

Shane and I were in a hurry to make it to the Alabama A&M Homecoming Parade, so we decided to visit Little Farm Grill, which is right around the corner for us. I had always wanted to try this place because it is a hole-in-the-wall that’s been in business a while. I always assume these places must be serving up some tasty food to stay in business. I was wrong….really wrong. Although there were several cars out front, there were only a handful of customers inside. Despite this, the waitress/owner/cook told us that she was backed up and that it’d be a minute (she actually said this with her back to us from the grill area, strike one). When she did arrive to take our order, we both chose a breakfast platter with eggs, choice of bologna, sausage, or bacon, biscuits or toast, and choice of hash browns, home fries, grits, or gravy. I chose the bacon, hash brown, and asked for scrambled eggs. Shane chose the sausage, home fries, and asked for an over-easy egg. The definite bright spot in our experience was the male employee who perched on a bar stool near us to make conversation while we waited. His genuine hospitality was the highlight of the meal. Otherwise, the biscuits (which were prefab) were dry, the eggs were tough, the hash brown was a bad take on one from McD’s, and the bacon was cooked to death…strike two.

As we choked down our meal, I noticed that a woman lit up a cigarette at the bar. Simultaneously, the hospitable worker lit up as well…strike three. I gulped down what I could and headed for the door. Now that I’ve had a meal at this hole-in-the-wall, I am truly stumped as to why it remains in business. My advice? Put a hole through the wall and tear this place down.

Shane’s Take

In restaurant land, good food is king. Awful atmosphere, rude customer service, ugly menus, and poor location can all be overcome by food that tastes just right. ¬†Without good food, though, rarely will a restaurant survive. (Unless it is incredibly cheap or invokes nostalgia. Many people, me included, will eat about anything for the right price. A good dose of “good ol’ days” often will do the same, although I don’t fall for that one.)

Unfortunately, Little Farm Grill doesn’t serve good food, isn’t cheaper than comparable restaurants, and fails to evoke any feeling of nostalgia. It looks a little creepy from the outside, which would be okay if the food were tasty, but the absence of good food just allowed me to focus on the frequent failure of any employee to wash his/her hands. They also allow smoking, which wouldn’t be a problem if they were serving $2 fresh lobster tails, but there are no lobsters to be found. I could also overlook the dank atmosphere or the ugly handwritten menus, but the food itself could be described as dank and ugly.

It’s too bad that Little Farm Grill is struggling to deliver a good eating experience, whether that experience were owed to tasty food, low cost, or precious memories. They’re in a great location, the building could be charming with a few tweaks, and good soul food is always hard to turn down. Until something changes, I don’t see us returning.A few takeaways:

  • Think of Little Farm Grill as a Waffle House gone bad. The food is terrible, the food prep is suspect, and any good service is overshadowed by a cranky head waitress.
  • Duck as you exit to avoid a trashy calendar that looks like it should be hanging from a middle-aged mechanic’s tool chest.
  • The glittery green booths are a nice contrast to the flat white walls.
  • Their sweet tea moonlights as hummingbird nectar.
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