Little Rosie’s Taqueria

21 Dec 2010
Cheap Eat (up to $7)
Southeast Huntsville
4 out of 5

Melanie’s Take

This review will almost complete our tour of the Rosie’s family of restaurants. We gave you Phil Sandoval’s, we gave you Shaggy’s, we gave you Blue Plate, and now we give you Little Rosie’s. After the unbelievable success of Rosie’s, the sit-down Tex-Mex restaurant in Huntsville, the owners decided to make even more money and open a more casual order-at-the-counter version called Little Rosie’s. When I first began eating at Rosie’s, I thought their salsa could never be topped. I was wrong. Little Rosie’s offers the traditional red salsa like Rosie’s, but they also have a roasted salsa that is a taste bud explosion. In fact, if you see someone drinking it, don’t judge. It’s that good. When Shane and I visited for this review, I ordered the enchiladas. I always ask for one chicken and one cheese, both covered in white queso. They are served with chips and salsa and a drink. The tag line of Little Rosie’s says “honest handmade tex-mex cuisine.” I have always thought that honest was the best adjective to describe the way their food tastes. It’s not showy or frilly; it just tastes good. It is to tex-mex cuisine what MeeMaw’s cooking is to southern cuisine. Aside from the food, Little Rosie’s atmosphere is nice. It continues the decor of Rosie’s but adds a casual element with its two flat screen TVs. We’ve been known to catch the second half of a football game here. If you dine during a big game, you can miss the crowd, which is usually out the door during peak lunch and dinner hours. Who can blame people for waiting in line? Not me; I’d wait for that salsa any day.

Shane’s Take

I feel like I have a history with Little Rosie’s….I started eating there years ago while in college. For a while, eating there was half of my Saturday night routine with the fellas: first, we’d eat at Little Rosie’s, and then we’d head to somebody’s house to watch a B-movie. Good times, those were. When Melanie and I started dating, I stopped that routine (and who wouldn’t? I’m no fool.), but I did convince her to go with me to “The Little Rose” one night. At that time, we both enjoyed the big Rosie’s, but she didn’t like Little Rosie’s. I clearly remember asking her on a few occasions to eat there with me, but she turned me down. Eventually, though, something changed, and she started liking Little Rosie’s, and we began eating there a lot, and often ate there weekly!
The atmosphere is what brings customers back to Little Rosie’s. As with the big Rosie’s restaurants, the Little Rose maintains an intoxicating rustic tex-mex party atmosphere. Something about the decor and the sounds and the people just makes for a fun eating experience. Put another way, Little Rosie’s is the restaurant form of your friend that is always fun to be around. Occasionally, you may want to relax and not hang out with that friend, but 9 times out of 10 you’d rather hang out with him or her than sit at the house relaxing. Little Rosie’s is just a fun place to eat. As with the other members of the Rosie’s family of restaurants, the food at Little Rosie’s is not mind-blowing but is reliably fresh and great-tasting. Of the dozens of times I’ve been to Little Rosie’s, I can think of maybe once or twice that the food was not just straight-up good. Our visit for this review was no different than the rest of our visits: I ordered the enchilada combo (two chicken enchiladas; substitute white cheese for the white cream sauce), and it tasted great. The lettuce and tomatoes on the side were fresh, the chips were warm and crispy, and the salsa was awesome. The food at Little Rosie’s is just simple, solid good eats. As they claim and as Melanie said, it’s “honest” food.
I have a few negative criticisms of Little Rosie’s. The food is a tad expensive. Melanie and I get out for $14, but I wish it were more like $12. It seems that the enchiladas have shrunk over the years; it’d be nice to see them return to their old size. Too often, fellow diners confuse Little Rosie’s with a playground and allow their children to run totally wild in the dining room. Likewise, some diners run wild on the alcohol and lose inhibitions that really shouldn’t be lost. None of these are deal-breakers, but they can diminish the experience. Summing up, I give the Little Rose my full endorsement. It is the best locally-owned fast food restaurant in town and is a great place to enjoy a fun and tasty meal.
  • If you’re sweet tooth is hungry, try the “cinnamon nachos”. They have a nice flavor, and you get a lot for your money.
  • Little Rosie’s also serves breakfast. I’ve eaten it once, and it tasted fine, but I didn’t really enjoy it. If you want to try it, go through the drive-thru. The orange muffins, by the way, are excellent.
  • The crowds often are terrible at lunch. If you try eating there at lunch, be prepared to wait and fight for a seat.
  • Check out the painting near the ordering counter that features a steely-eyed man holding a rooster. What guy would not want that hanging in his garage?
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3 Responses

  1. Amy Logan McPherson

    So, after reading this blog post, it was my mission while in HSV over the holidays to go to Little Rosie’s. I had never been there, but was really wanting some Mexican food after going through severe Chipotle withdrawals (yes, I know it’s a chain, forgive me!). We went there New Year’s Eve (wild and crazy!) and were pleasantly surprised. I think Jim liked it more than I did. The tacos were good, but I want to try the enchilada when I return in the spring.

  2. Rebekah Penner

    I LOVE Little Rosie’s!! I always get the bean burrito. It is drenched in yellow queso and then I top it with their wonderful red salsa. Oh, and their sweet tea is delish.

  3. Lara Baswell

    If you like chocolate, try their chocolate muffin! YUMO

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