Los Mariachis

9 Nov 2010
Average Cost ($8-$14)
Downtown Huntsville
4 out of 5

Melanie’s Take

Shane and I are creatures of habit. We routinely wake up on Saturday mornings and have the same breakfast at the same spot and follow it up with the same stroll around the same local mall. If we like a restaurant or a store, we are extremely loyal. About a year ago, a mexican restaurant opened around the corner from our house. We decided to give it a try and are glad we did. It has become our regular Sunday lunch spot. There are three major pluses about this place: the tasty food, the cheap prices, and the friendly service.

When we visited Los Mariachison Halloween Sunday, we ordered our usual: lunch fajitas ($6.45) with a side of shredded cheese ($1.25). As we waited for our fajitas, we enjoyed their tasty chips and salsa. The salsa is the traditional thin kind with just the right amount of spiciness. Although it’s thin, there’s definitely enough substance to it to hang onto your chip with the right amount of practice. Our fajitas arrived quickly, sizzling on the plate. We always order a mix of steak and chicken and ask for double guacamole because we don’t love sour cream.

The seasoning on the fajita meat is always tasty. The combination of tomatoes, peppers, and onions in the sizzling skillet add nice flavor dimensions. Their side plate is loaded with beans, rice, lettuce, pico de gallo, and guacamole. Shane opts for using the tortillas to build his fajitas, but I like to make mine into nachos. Even though we’ve settled on this as our Sunday meal, I have never tried anything at Los Mariachis that I didn’t like. If you want to give lots of options a go, stop by for their lunch buffet for $6.25. As far as authentic little mexican restaurants go, Los Mariachis is hard to beat in Huntsville.

Shane’s Take

Los Mariachis moved in former Café Brazil’s spot sometime about 18 months ago. We let it settle in a few months before trying it. Once we noticed the crowds building, we decided to give it a try. We liked it, and as Melanie said, we return there nearly every week.

The store feels like many of the Mexican restaurants in town: it’s quirkily but endearingly homemade. Like your mom’s chocolate cake, it may not look great or taste the best, but it’s comfortable and familiar and can be appreciated for being just that. I like the eccentric Mexican-flavored decor and the crazy colors of the store, and I really like the unusual floor plan, which, combined with the location of the store, robs anyone of an excuse for allowing a restaurant to fail in this place. Melanie and I have also enjoyed seeing the decoration of the store improve over the last few months, but we wish some of it could be completed. (Don’t get me wrong–you’re not going to be greeted by a bricklayer when you walk inside, but you may notice that some of the artwork is incomplete.) I hope to see improvements extend to the patio, which really needs some attention. I also enjoy the food. I describedCazadores’ food as being better than average inexpensive Mexican food, and I would add Los Mariachis to that list. It’s just tastes better than typical Mexican food. Since I agree with Melanie’s thorough description of the food, I’ll refer you to what she says for details on what we order and enjoy.

On their own, the pleasant atmosphere and nice flavors at Mariachis make for a nice restaurant, but I must say something about the low prices. It is possible for two people to eat at Mariachis and leave with full stomachs for under $12, which includes food, tip, and tax. Drink water, and you may get out for $10. To eat sit-down food for either of those prices is an excellent deal. Los Mariachis gets my full endorsement. I’ve enjoyed eating there many times, and I hope they’ll be around for a while. They’re nice people, they serve good food in quirky confines, and they have great prices. It’s my kind of restaurant. A few more notes:

  • They have a Mariachi band on the second Thursday night each month. We’ve not yet seen it, but it surely would be cool.
  • For those who order the fajitas: After you’ve eaten everything, make sure no one is looking, and then scrape a chip across the skillet that held the fajita mix. The stuff you scrape off will taste awesome.
  • They serve Pepsi, so be careful when ordering “Coke”.
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2 Responses

  1. Chelsea Green

    I LOVE LOS MARIACHIS. You must live really close to us, because this place is really close to me as well. It was good to see you at Little Rosies the other night! Ha, I’ve secretly been reading this for a while and never wanted to comment because it made me feel creepy. I figured it was time to break the stalker-barrier and leave a comment though 😉

  2. Shane & Melanie

    You’re welcome to “secretly” read! In fact, invite all your friends to secretly read too. We’re trying to diversify our posts so not all of them are about Mexican places, but Little Rosie’s is sure to make an appearance soon. I heart their roasted salsa.

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