Peggy Ann Bakery

14 Jun 2011
Cheap Eat (up to $7)
Southeast Huntsville
4 out of 5
Petit Four

Melanie’s Take

I don’t suppose I can be totally impartial about Peggy Ann’s Bakery; we have a long-standing love affair with this place and even chose its petit fours as wedding favors for our guests. Although it does have its weak spots (the cake is often dry, and you can’t always walk in and find your favorite item in stock), you would be hard-pressed to walk into this bakery and leave without something delicious, maybe even more delicious than you’d hoped. Brownie Delight For this visit, Shane and I chose a variety of some of our favorites and a couple of items we hadn’t tried before. I chose a brownie delight, small petit fours, and honey sticks. These items range from the super decadent (brownie delight pictured above) to the slightly sweet (honey sticks pictured below). In between are Peggy Ann’s famous petit fours, or at least they’re famous around here. If you’ve tried their cakes and haven’t been impressed, don’t write off their petit fours. They are delightfully moist, covered in a sweet vanilla glaze, and garnished with a rich buttercream flowerbud. If you have a chocolatey sweet tooth, go for the brownie delight. It consists of two brownies, sandwiched together with vanilla buttercream and covered in a chocolate glaze. It’s finished off with another dollop of buttercream and a cherry on top. Honey StickThe honey sticks are a product of the “waste not, want not” mentality. They are made from cake crumbs and petit four glaze. Give them a try, especially if you need an accompaniment to your cup of coffee.

Shane’s Take

I chose the double chocolate cookies, chocolate dipped macaroons, and a filled cookie. The double chocolate cookies were super-chocolatey, which is exactly what I wanted. They had a nice, chewy texture countered by the slight crunch of the chips and the right balance of sweet and chocolate. I particularly appreciated Peggy Ann’s allowing the chocolate to express its flavor without being butted out by too much sugar, which often is a cover for bad cocoa. I also enjoyed the balance of texture and sweetness in the macaroons, which were delicious. They were fluffy, sweet, and a tad juicy, just like they should be. The coconut was toasted the right amount, and the coating of chocolate glaze was neither too little or too much. Double Chocolate CookiesAlthough all the desserts were good, the macaroons would be the “Best All Around” award winner. Not to be left out, the chocolate chip filled cookie would win the award for “Most Likely to Cause a Sugar Coma”. The cookie alone is fine and plenty sweet, but the glob of filling really puts it over the top. If your sweet tooth is hurting, it’s hard to go wrong with sweetened Crisco.

Chocolate Dipped Macaroon
  • Like double doozies from that cookie place in the mall? A filled cookie from Peggy Ann’s makes it look like a sick monkey.
  • Don’t wait around to fill your sweet cravings on Saturdays; they close at 2pm.
  • If you’re on a budget, plan ahead. Money goes quickly when you’re salivating over these treats.
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  1. Phyllis Young Basham

    I know Steve likes it when you go Peggy Ann’s and then come see us with some of the goodies. I didn’t get a morsel of the things you brought out here.

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