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10 Oct 2012

Fruit and Omelette
Most of the stores we reviewed we visit only once, but some of them stick, and we visit them again. Below are our second impressions and follow-up thoughts on these stores.

Phil Sandoval’s

Phil’s remains one of our frequent haunts and favorite restaurants. They’ve changed little since our review visit, and that’s fine with us. What do we recommend if you go? Try the black bean queso, poblano chicken soup, the fish tacos, and the cheese enchiladas.

Shaggy’s Burgers and Tacos

I (Shane) gave Shaggy’s a hard time—too hard—in our original review. We’ve returned a few times since that initial visit, and it’s grown on me a bit. Since then, they’ve changed their menu, adding real combos (with drinks!) and shaking things up a bit. During our most recent visit, I ordered the taco burger, and the manager offered a Mexican dog on the house. Similar to a Mexican sloppy joe, the taco burger was delicious. I particularly enjoyed the contrast of the sweet bun and the spicy taco meat. The Mexican dog likewise was delicious.  Both were interesting and tasty American/Mexican combo foods. Melanie loves the sweet potato fries and the fajita chicken quesadilla.

Dog and Fries at Shaggy's

Angel’s Island Coffee

We’ve returned to Angel’s a few times since our initial visit. Angel continues to offer pretty good coffee at good prices. It’s a welcomed alternative to the increasingly expensive and elitist Starbucks, but I do wish the atmosphere were a little more cozy (filling in the ceiling would work wonders). I won’t be choosy, though, as competing with Starbucks can’t be an easy job in our chain-loving town.

Happy Tummy

Happy Tummy remains the sandwich king in Huntsville. We’re still loving that they offer unique sandwiches with quality ingredients, including locally made FredBread.

Nick’s Ristorante

Nick continues to offer manly steaks and cigars in Bailey Cove, and a coupon here and there has allowed us to return on special occasions. Even though the cigar smoke can be a little overbearing and the steaks need a little more seasoning, we’ve enjoyed every trip since our first. We struggle to justify the high cost, but it’s one of the classier and more adult (leave the jeans at home) eats in town.

Cesia’s Bakery

It’s been a few months since we last visited Cesia’s, but the couple times we visited since our first visit show it continue being the fun foreign experience that our first visit was. Their baked goods aren’t sweet by any American standard, but they make up for it with enigmatic taste. Plus, we were glad to be familiar with the grab-a-tray-and-pick-out flow when visiting an Arandas Bakery in Houston a few months ago.

The Eaves Restaurant

Although no dish at The Eaves has yet to top its chicken saltimbocca sandwich, everything we’ve ever had there has been good. They are now open for dinner as well and have added onto their dining space to offer more seating. It still tops our list of places to suggest when someone wants to have a special lunch here in town.

Café Lemon Bleù

After our initial review, we returned to this tasty spot several times to have their addictive fries and delicious freshly made foods. We often revelled in the fact that Huntsville had such a delicious spot, considering upping its rating to five forks, and we dreamed of how we might one day be able to open a place just as tasty. For reasons unknown to us, Café Lemon Bleù closed its doors in July. To date, their closing tops the reasons that I (Melanie) have considered leaving town and never looking back.

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  1. Sherry Hamilton

    Thanks for the great follow-up!! Very informative, entertaining and a great place to check out before dining out!

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