Shaggy’s Burgers and Tacos

9 Oct 2010
Average Cost ($8-$14)
West Huntsville
3 out of 5

Melanie’s Take

Shaggy’s is a relatively new eatery in Huntsville. The name of the place is actually subheaded “Burgers and Tacos,” but their menu also includes choices like chicken fingers, salads, and hot dogs. From our experience there, the undoubted best feature of Shaggy’s is the decor. Its California, industrial-chic style gives it a fun, family atmosphere, but its food is not a big draw.
I decided to order two soft tacos, served with a side of chips and salsa, and Shane ordered two slaw dogs with mixed french fries and sweet potato fries. After you place your order at the counter, you get your own beverage, have a seat, and wait for your pager to buzz. The food was ready quickly and was well-presented, but the taste was less than stellar.   My soft tacos (one chicken and one beef) were not much better than Taco Bell fare. The chicken was stewed and the beef was ground. Shaggy’s could really improve these by preparing them fajita style or by introducing some interesting ingredients to the mix. As far as my plate went, the salsa was the tastiest bit. My favorite item on the table was the sweet potato fries. They were slightly sweet and a nice twist on a traditional french fry. Perhaps the largest drawback to Shaggy’s is the price….for $14, I would expect hot dogs and tacos to be tastier than Sneaky Pete’s and Taco Bell.

Shane’s Take

As Melanie said, Shaggy’s—another restaurant in the Steak-Out/Rosie’s empire—is a mixed bag. The atmosphere, although not my style, is vibrant and colorful. It leaves the impression that someone spent a lot of time designing it and a lot of money building it, but for my taste it’s over the top. The eight or so TVs are too much, the in-your-face surfer styling is almost obnoxious, the colors are too disco, and the peace-love-happiness vibe is nauseating. That being said, the store is clean, well-run, and, except for the aggressive decor, mostly pleasant.
On this trip, I ordered the hot slaw dogs, which were recommended by a friend. The dogs had a good flavor, the slaw had a nice crunch with a spicy pop, and the fries were crunchy on the outside and mashed-potatoey on the inside, which is just how I like them. All that considered, I was underwhelmed. The hot dogs were small. The slaw was nothing special. The flavor of the sweet potato fries collided with the hot dogs. I would eat it again, but the food was mostly forgettable. Of the handful of restaurants run by Steak-Out alumni/friends/relatives, this is the weakest. Most of the Steak-Out-birthed restaurants border on too much style and too little taste, but they somehow strike a balance that works. (Isn’t this what you think about Rosie’s? If the flavors were just a little weaker and the crowd just a little louder, she’d be little more than a Chili’s with tacos.) Unfortunately, at this point, Shaggy’s fails to strike that magic Steak-Out balance, leaving me disappointed and unfulfilled. Some final thoughts:
  • Is it just me, or is the food and atmosphere not something out of a mall dining court? That sounds harsh, sure, but this place would work really well in a late 1990s mall somewhere.
  • When it doesn’t remind me of a mall dining court, Shaggy’s reminds me of an Aquarium Restaurant: something only a kid can appreciate.
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  1. Andrea

    My husband and I LOVE Shaggy’s!! The food is always fresh and very consistent in taste (very good) served quickly by friendly staff! I’ve never had a bad meal and the frozen Margarita’s are delicious! (Caution they maybe habit forming!)

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