Surie of Madison

16 Feb 2012
Average Cost ($8-$14)
3 out of 5

Melanie’s Take

"flower" bedI met my sister and a friend at Surie of Madison last Friday (sans Shane) for lunch. Although I don’t eat there often, I had tried it when it was still Surin, the Thai chain with Huntsville and Birmingham locations. Like Phuket, Surie “borrows” Surin’s menu without hesitation. The difference at Surie is that hibachi selections have been added to the menu as well. The decor is also quite different from Surin. Although the main dining are has a modern feel, Surie’s decor otherwise feels outdated and generally uncool. The flower bed housing artificial flowers is telling of the level of taste with which some of the inside is decorated. Even though the decor is unsure of itself, the waitstaff makes up for it. Every person we interacted with was warm and friendly, seeming genuinely delighted we were there.

Miso SoupI came in wanting to order sushi, but when I saw that hibachi selections were offered, I settled on that instead. I chose the teriyaki chicken with miso soup, brown rice, and vegetables. The soup, arriving only minutes after we placed our orders, was good and salty, like miso soup should be, and the little bits of scallion and tofu were nice, albeit scarce, accompaniments to the broth.

Teriyaki Chicken

My entree soon arrived, and I was impressed with the large portion for lunchtime. The veggies and chicken filled up most of my plate but left some room for me to add in the brown rice that was served in a bowl on the side. Although not as tasty as some hibachi meals I’ve had before, I enjoyed the sweetness of the teriyaki, and the perfectly cooked brown rice soaked up the thin sauce. I also enjoyed that none of the items on my plate tasted like they’d been coated in oil or butter during preparation.

Yum Catfish

Although I don’t make it to Surie often for lunch, I would recommend it as a nice lunch spot. The prices are reasonable, and the offerings include items that you just can’t get at most lunch spots. My hibachi meal was only $6.50, and my dining sidekicks paid about the same price for their catfish entrees. I’d take that over a $6 burger combo anytime.

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