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La Alameda Mexican Restaurant

La Alameda Mexican Restaurant

Mexican | Average Cost ($8-$14) | West Huntsville | 3 out of 5

When we went to La Alameda, I was pleasantly surprised to see the remedy for this unappetizing site: a buffet with service!

Red Hot Kitchen

Red Hot Kitchen (Closed)

Asian | Average Cost ($8-$14) | West Huntsville | 3 out of 5

I first noticed this spot while driving down University Drive. Its sign read “Asian-Mex Fusion”, so I was intrigued. Although I typically also noticed few to no cars in the parking lot, Shane and I took our chances

Where Do You Go for Cinco de Mayo?

Mexican | | |

Shane and I will take any excuse we can get for eating Mexican food, and tonight will be no exception. We find ourselves in a local Mexican spot on the 5th of May every year