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Big Red's Chicken and Waffles

Big Red’s Chicken and Waffles

American | Average Cost ($8-$14) | North Huntsville | 3 out of 5

Melanie’s Take There are some foods that you must eat to be considered Southern. Among [&hellip

New Market Bar-B-Q

New Market Bar-B-Q

American | Average Cost ($8-$14) | | 5 out of 5

Melanie’s Take I haven’t taken an official count, but I’d be willing to guess that [&hellip



American | Average Cost ($8-$14) | Downtown Huntsville | 2 out of 5

Melanie’s Take On the recommendation of a friend of Shane’s, we headed to Tenders! to [&hellip

Old Greenbrier Barbeque

Old Greenbrier Barbeque

American | Average Cost ($8-$14) | Outside Madison County | 4 out of 5

We are suckers for restaurants with character. Sometimes, that means that we might enjoy eating at dives that other people would snub their noses at, and Greenbrier is one of those places

Grandmother's House

Grandmother’s House

American | Average Cost ($8-$14) | Jones Valley/Hampton Cove | 2 out of 5

I think most southerners would say the best food they’ve ever had was at their grandmother’s house. For many of us, our grandmothers make dishes that we can never replicate, even with their recipes.

A Day in Birmingham: Veranda on Highland

A Day in Birmingham: Veranda on Highland

American | Expensive ($26 and up) | Outside Madison County | 3 out of 5

Five Points is a vibrant, hip area of Birmingham that is packed with tasty eats. You can find the trendiest and most awarded restaurants in town here, including Frank Stitt’s Highlands Bar and Grill and Veranda on Highland

India Café

India Café

Indian | Average Cost ($8-$14) | Southeast Huntsville | 4 out of 5

Melanie and I are game for trying just about any food, but some are more adventurous than others. Indian food is one of those

China Buffet II

China Buffet II (Closed)

Asian | Average Cost ($8-$14) | Southeast Huntsville | 2 out of 5

How do you review a run-of-the-mill Chinese buffet? I don’t know. These things defy explanation. Often, the environments are weird, the food is tasty but disgusting, and the service is strange

Wild Rose Cafe

Wild Rose Cafe (Closed)

American | Average Cost ($8-$14) | Downtown Huntsville | 1 out of 5

A few years ago, I worked for a company off the square in Huntsville. Unless I wanted to give up my spot in the parking deck at lunch, there were only a few options for dining. One of those options was Wild Rose