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New Market Bar-B-Q

New Market Bar-B-Q

American | Average Cost ($8-$14) | | 5 out of 5

Melanie’s Take I haven’t taken an official count, but I’d be willing to guess that [&hellip

Ted's Bar-B-Q

Ted’s Bar-B-Q

American | Average Cost ($8-$14) | West Huntsville | 3 out of 5

Shane’s Take Because we’re enamored with any restaurant related to Rosie’s (except for Steak-Out, which [&hellip

Old Greenbrier Barbeque

Old Greenbrier Barbeque

American | Average Cost ($8-$14) | Outside Madison County | 4 out of 5

We are suckers for restaurants with character. Sometimes, that means that we might enjoy eating at dives that other people would snub their noses at, and Greenbrier is one of those places

Viet Huong

Viet Huong

Asian | Average Cost ($8-$14) | West Huntsville | 3 out of 5

I have no trouble finding amusement in a restaurant that serves foreign food. Unless it’s Mexican food, which is usually prepared and served by de facto Americans, it’s hard to predict the experience

Little Paul's Barbecue

Little Paul’s Barbecue

American | Cheap Eat (up to $7) | Downtown Huntsville | 3 out of 5

There were lots of reasons to be excited to trying out Little Paul’s, from the owner being a son of the Gibson’s we frequent to him also being an Alabama senator

Nick's Ristorante

Nick’s Ristorante

American | Expensive ($26 and up) | Southeast Huntsville | 4 out of 5

We don’t love to overpay for food. You might think that this means we’re cheap and maybe it does, but we are occasionally more than happy to fork it over for really good food. Wednesday night was one of those times