Ted’s Bar-B-Q

2 Apr 2012
Average Cost ($8-$14)
West Huntsville
3 out of 5

Ted's Bar-B-QShane’s Take

Because we’re enamored with any restaurant related to Rosie’s (except for Steak-Out, which we think we can beat with our grill any time), we didn’t hesitate to give Ted’s Bar-B-Q a try after seeing it open on the backside of the building that houses Phil Sandoval’s.

I’d like to see a Rosie’s-style interpretation of a barbecue dining experience, but Ted’s offers only carryout or drive-thru food. Despite having no tables or booths, the interior of the store is pleasant and relaxing. With only a countertop, a few chairs, and a fake mantle, there isn’t much to it, but the decor that’s there is reasonable.Brisket

I ordered the brisket with baked beans, macaroni and cheese, and a cornbread muffin. The brisket had a nice flavor and texture, but it was a little chewy and certainly not as good as what I’ve had at Chuckwagon. Likewise, the beans tasted good but weren’t quite as good as those at Chuckwagon. I also was underwhelmed by the macaroni and cheese, although it thankfully didn’t come from a can or a blue cardboard box. On the whole, the food was good, but it wasn’t spectacular. It reminded me of the food from other Rosie’s family members: good, fresh, and mostly made in-store, but a little bland. The simple tastes from other Rosie’s-related establishments seems to work a little better than it does with barbecue, which is easy to come by around here.

The food from Ted’s is enjoyable, the prices are competitive, and the servings are plentiful, but better barbecue can be found in North Alabama. If you’re interested in straightforward barbecue, I recommend Ted’s. If you want really good barbecue, you’ll want to go elsewhere.

A few takeaways:

Banana Pudding

  • You know how good chain food is good but rarely is as good as non-chain food? Ted’s is good barbecue for a chain (even though it’s not a chain).
  • The banana pudding is homemade and good, but it doesn’t come close to Melanie’s.
  • In the grand tradition of barbecue, Ted’s will tighten up your jeans.
  • What Ted’s food lacks is kick: add some pepper or hot sauce or maybe a little apple cider vinegar, and it could sing. (The sauces they provide help, but I feel like it should be mouth-ready without help.)
  • As one must do when eating barbecue in Alabama, Melanie ordered a pork potato. She said it was good but not spectacular.

Pork Potato

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