The Eaves Restaurant

26 Sep 2011
A Bit Costly ($15-$25)
Downtown Huntsville
5 out of 5

The Eaves Restaurant

Melanie’s Take

There are lots of places to dine in Huntsville that are good, but few leave you thinking that you have to come back, tell all your friends about it, and make a personal vow to try everything on the menu. The Eaves is one of those places. Shane and I met my sister and her kiddos there for lunch and had one of the tastiest experiences Huntsville has to offer. The Eaves is located on Church Street, just across from the Huntsville Depot. Inside is a relatively small dining area and an owner and waitstaff who can’t do enough for you.

Turkey Breast Salad

After perusing the menu full of one tempting description after another, I chose the turkey breast salad, which was described as mixed greens with smoked turkey breast, chopped tomatoes, brie cheese, granny smith apples, applewood smoked bacon, and a parmesan peppercorn dressing. When it arrived, it was in a mini-colander lined with parchment paper. Its presentation was fantastic, and so was its taste. The richness of the brie was a great combination with the sharp freshness of the apples. I also received a piece of banana bread on the side. It was tasty, but not in the southern gooey way that I’m used to. Instead, it was light, fluffy, and full of fresh banana flavor.

Banana Bread

For dessert, we tried the chocolate cake, which was tasty, but not the star of the menu. It would be great if the cake could have an interesting twist like the other items on the menu. A raspberry or mocha flavor would’ve been a nice touch. I loved the Eaves and plan to go there again and again. Sure, it’s not the cheapest lunch spot around, but it’s worth it. Although only open for lunch now, the owner is renovating the space to include dining in the evening.

Shane’s Take

We go on these review trips looking for food especially tasty and an environment especially comfortable. Unfortunately, we’ve been a ton of places where two steps in the door I think “another 3 out of five”, we get our food and our suspicions are confirmed, and we leave wishing for something better.

The Eaves is not one of these places.

Chicken Saltimbocca Sandwich

Their food is flat good. The chicken saltimbocca sandwich was the most delicious sandwich I’ve ever eaten. When it arrived, I was impressed with the size and the look, and the first bite didn’t let me down. I mean, wow, that sandwich tasted awesome: tender chicken, salty prosciutto, stringy cheese, and toasted bread combined for culinary goodness. If cooking truly is an art through which a chef speaks, the chef was telling me through that sandwich “You didn’t think a sandwich could ever be worth $11, did you? You were wrong.” Knowing my one-and-only enjoys food more than I do, after the first bite—yes, one bite was all it took to judge it the best I’ve ever had—I passed it over to her. One bite later, her love for me doubled.

Service at the The Eaves was superb. We waited a while before being seated, and we waited even longer once seated, but our waiter and the store owner, who was helping in the dining room, were kind to us throughout the visit. They were incredibly friendly, bringing fruit for the kids (at no charge!), repeatedly apologizing for the wait, and otherwise contributing to a friendly atmosphere. I was really taken by the service. The Eaves offers service that few restaurants in Huntsville match.

Inside The Eaves Restaurant

Despite the delicious food and excellent service, The Eaves wasn’t perfect. We were there for almost two hours due to the excessive wait. The chocolate cake was just pretty good—not bad, mind you, but not memorable either. The dining room is a tad girly for my taste and is uncomfortably crowded (for example, when bringing out food the waiters had to prop the food on neighboring tables to allow room to hand the food to diners). Also, my drink dried up once or twice. None of these were major problems, but they could be improved. The Eaves is one of the best lunch spots in town, especially if you have some extra cash and time. The food tastes great and is plentiful, and the service is first-rate. I look forward to returning.

Chocolate Cake

A few other notes:

  • Make a reservation
  • The Eaves would be an excellent place to eat paninis and talk about miniature roses. Melanie has been back since our review visit and said it was full of men, but I was one of only two or three the day we visited. Maybe word has gotten around that…
  • As the menu says, entrée salads are a meal and sandwiches are oversized. These are not girly servings and should be plenty for a full-grown man.
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5 Responses

  1. Phyllis Young Basham

    Sounds scrumptious!!!!! I always enjoy reading your reviews.

  2. lbaswell

    This is my new favorite place to eat! LOVE the food, LOVE the service!

  3. Sherry Hamilton

    Love your reviews! They really help me select where I want to go eat!

  4. C. Pope

    I just found this website and saw The Eaves Restaurant listed. I must say that I have dined at The Eaves regularly for the last two years. Lunches at The Eaves are awesome. The salads are awesome (and huge – be prepared to ask for a take-home box), and the other lunch items are, as well. They are very unique and delicious.

    Dinner (when open for dinner) is truly a wonderful experience. The personal attention from the Executive Chef and attention to detail for the meal is something not found in most restaurants. The food is comparable to that one would fine at restaurants in Atlanta, Dallas, Washington, D.C. and New York City.

    I highly recommend this restaurant!

  5. Ronalda

    This restaurant is awesome……Had a friend with stage 4 cancer and wanted to celebrate her birthday at Eaves. We celebrated at Eaves and they accomodated her with food that she could eat and she said it was awesome. The Chief and staff is the best in town. The dinner for the guest was the best gourmet food in Huntsville. I highly recommend this restaurant….We will be back!!!!!!

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