Where Should We Eat?

9 Oct 2010
We’re a few weeks into our experiment and we’d like to hear your suggestions for where we should eat. Remember: it has to be a local Huntsville place that’s not a chain. Drop us a note in the comment box and tell us where to go and what to eat when we’re there. Maybe we’ll take your advice and you can read about our take on Chain of Foods.

4 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Wild Rose Cafe!

  2. CarlaLee McKee

    Victoria’s cafe!

  3. Shane & Melanie

    Wild Rose is a definite (if Shane can get away during lunch) and Victoria’s might make it too (if Shane can check his testosterone at the door). Keep the suggestions coming! Maybe you guys will think of a place we’ve never heard of.

  4. diningmissdaisy

    Mama Annie’s! I have been wanting to try this place out, I hear it is extremely good…soul food:-)

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