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5 Apr 2011
A Bit Costly ($15-$25)
Outside Madison County

Shane and I traveled to Europe for ten days, tried to abandon our American palates and hoped for our tastebuds to be exposed to wonders yet experienced. After airfare and hotels, our meager dining budget was not what we’d hoped, but we did run into some tasty treats while we were gone. The biggest lesson we learned? Americans eat like we’re at carnivals with all of our fried, cheesy, rich foods. Sure, you can find this stuff in Europe, but the food we came across was simple, fresh, and functional.


Even though London gets a bad rap for its cuisine, it does offer a few traditional delicious dishes. The three pics below are from our dinner at St. Martin in the Fields. It was cafeteria style in a lovely and a bit creepy environment (it’s a crypt below a church building). The final pic is the outside of London’s oldest pub. The lighting was too poor to salvage our shot of the fish and chips, but it was good. The chips, peas, and carrots were just okay, but the cod was fried perfectly.

Ham and potatoes with grilled vegetables

Potato and leek soup

Apple crumble with custard

Oldest Pub in London


Shane was in pastry heaven in Paris. On literally almost every corner sat a Patisserie. At first, he thought they were tourist traps with the artistic pastries and sweets, but he quickly learned that all of them were this beautiful and nearly all of them mind-blowingly tasty.

Pizza in the window. Shane ordered one, but got quiche instead. He was not dissapointed because the quiche was so good.

His quiche was filled with salmon, peppers, and onions. I had quiche twice in our short time there. The crust and lightness of the filling was better than any quiche I’d ever had before.

For our pastry fix, we stopped by one of these shops as often as possible. Shane’s favorite item was an almond chocolate croissant while my favorite was the quiche.


The most delicious eat we had while in Rome was from a little sandwich/pizza/grocery shop near Termini Station. Individual-sized pizzas were heated, cut in half, and folded sandwich-style. The dough was more like a thick flatbread and it was buttery and garlicky. The toppings ranged from spinach to sausage and fresh mozzerella. For only 2.50 Euros, it was the best food deal we found by far. (no pic…sorry!)

After a visit to Vatican City, we stopped at a sandwich shop outside the Vatican Walls for a bite. I had an excellent combo of arugala, roasted red peppers, olive spread, and ham. Want chips or fries with that? Sorry, not in this country.

Shane loved canoli in Rome. This was the third one in four days! It had creamy and sweet ricotta filling with chocolate chips.

Our favorite gelato was actually from a chain (sorry). Here, I am trying the chocolate. It was rich and delicious.

Paris wasn’t the only city with bakeries aplenty. We found a spot around the block from our hotel that had the most delicious creme puffs. What’s even better? After our tour of expensive cities, we were glad to see that they were only 1/2 Euro each!

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  1. Phyllis Young Basham

    YUM YUM thank you for sharing your delicious memories. I am glad you had a great trip. Now Shane can have some McDonald’s coffee.

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